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October 31, 2008

Noah's Arc Haters - NEXT

Read this very unnecessary and borderline racist review of Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom Movie that appeared in NEXT Magazine, a magazine I see in most of the afro-american frequented bars and clubs I attend.

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (Film Review, Next Magazine)

Sink Noah's Arc (Logo Features) and pray it's never found. Continuing from the Logo series about the lives and loves of a group of gay African-American Los Angelinos, Noah (Darryl Stephens) and Wade (Jensen Atwood) travel with their posse to be married in a picturesque summer home in Martha's Vineyard.
Jumping the Broom references a slave marriage tradition, the requisite shout-out to black history.
For a well-intentioned portrayal of a broader gay community, do any of these characters have a white, Latin or Asian, friend or boyfriend? I'm totes for being black, gay and proud, but segregation's ovah!
Patrik Ian-Polk, returning as writer/director from the TV series, has brought us the cinematic equivalent to Hallmark's Mahogany cards. Every random phone call and Jacuzzi dip includes some profound life lesson.
The considerably talented and smokin' cast is stuck playing gay archetypes: the unrepentant slut (Christian Vincent), the flaming sass (Rodney Chester) and the twinkie newbie (Gary LeRoi Gray) dash about in fabricated mini-operas. As all the couples jump to jealous conclusions, scurry off in tears, make up, kiss and do it all again, the action is peppered with deadly earnest inspirational platitudes that would make Kirstie Alley willingly lose her lunch.
Honey, this sunken ship proves dreadful gay filmmaking knows no color. -- AC
Written By AC for Next Magazine
Vol 16.17

Now it seems to me that whenever there is a gathering of black men we become the threat, why is it a problem that Noah's Arc has an all afro-american cast, no shade but I never saw any men of color on Queer As Folk or Broke Back Mountain, why did the authuor of this article make this movie about race and make slave references and who at NEXT Magazine approved his article...

Noah's Arc is not meant to segregate, Mr.Polk wrote a movie about what he felt, what he probally experienced and some of what he's seen and from that produced a movie that we can relate to in some kind of way... Everyone I know has and can relate to something or someone in the movie and with all the drama in the plot lessons were learned.

If Mr. AC is uncomfortable with seeing an abundance of beautiful black men all in one place then I suggest he start writing and produce his own series/movie with a multi racial cast then, but until then... and I'll just leave it at that.
Just know that, you know your doing something good when you start getting hated on for doing it.
Let NEXT Magazine know what you feel about this review, be heard

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