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October 31, 2008

Baron Is "Celebrity"

11/05/2008 08:00 PM
ny, NY
boucarou Lounge

11/15/2008 08:00 PM
Washington D.C., DC
The Arc Theatre

Flag Boy

FlagBoy Returns to NYC in January

2008 Midtown International Theater Festival Nominee
Outstanding Performance in a Solo-Show

Life Jones Productions
Actor/Performance Coaching is offering $40 sessions!

First time actors/singers, Returning to the biz, preparing for a showcase, or just curious to know if you have what it takes?
Bring your monologues, songs, audition cuts, sides, or new material.
Safe, encouraging, positive,constructive, clear and efficient coaching.

One Hour session for $40

Questions? Need more information? Email Cornelius @

Friends and Lovers Screening

A screening of Friends and Lovers: The Ski Trip 2 will be at the:

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
@ 3PM

Don't forget to check out the rest of the the exciting films and featured events over this weekend.

Here's the link to check for tickets and/or venue location :

All film screenings will be at:
The Brecht Forum
51 West Street
(bet. Bank & Bethune Streets)
West Side Highway
New York, NY 10014
Phone: (212) 232-4201

Vote... Splash Says So

50 W 17th Street
(bet. 5th & 6th Ave. in Manhattan)

Visit our website at
for detailed info on ALL of our events!


The PLAYGROUP is an innovative, creative actor's workshop. Through the use of games, music and technique exercises that awaken the creative spirit of the actor. This fosters a fearlessness and strengthens their command of scene work.

It is led by Hollie Harper, an award winning writer/director. She's has 2 sold out off-off Broadway runs of her romantic comedy musical Jack& Jill, an article in NV magazine for that play, one spot as writer/director of "Marry & Burn" in the semi Finals of the Samuel French One Act Play Festival, one spot as director of "With Certain Regrets" in the finals in the Samuel French One Act Play Festival, won best comedy in the 2005 American Theatre of Harlem's 2005 Film Festival for her short film "Kiss & Run", and was also, for that film, accepted into the Denver Pan African Film Festival, Monday Night Shorts, and Urbanworld Film Festival.

She is currently building her blog as a launching pad for her first web series "Jack & Jill" and in development for another.

Hollie truly believes in actors and has dedicated herself to showing them, through example, how to get their very best performance.The PLAYGROUP'S goals are simple...
1. Opening the creative spirit and fostering fearlessness
2. Building technique
3. Applying technique to scenework

The PLAYGROUP meets:
Every Monday
@ Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street
(bet. 6th and 7th Aves)
RSVP at or to Hollie at

Flashback Album

I was just browsing through some old pics and decided to share a few with you all
Me and friend Isis (former GMHC co-worker of mines, role model and America's Next Top Model" contestant) hanging out and having a ball
Hanging with a few of the performers from the hit "Three Mo Tenors" and friends celebrating Thanksgiving together (2007)

Hanging out with the crew @ Mocca Lounge

Lamar Stanton and Myself at the 2007 Latex Ball ( Chile I look tired as hell, It was Hottt... LOL)
Harmonica Sunbeam and Myself @ the 2007 Latex Ball (b4 I lost the weight, lol)

Hanging with the Nathan's at brunch (can't you just feel the unity and brotherly love)

JR (star of the movie Four Letter Word) and myself at my Maurice Runea fashion line debut

Me, Ray Cunningham(of College Hill season 3) and Dwight O'Neal (producer of Christopher Street "The Series") Having dinner and cutting up at dinner

Me and Famed Photographer and Ballroom Icon, The Legendary Luna Legacy hanging out at Fire Island

Shorty J (porno-star of the Raw Thugs series I see how he got his name) and myself

Me and Bobby Blake (ooh! He makes me nervous every time I see him in a good giddy way, lol)

Derrick L. Briggs (the movie "Finding Me" and Reading is Sexy Book club), Me (Maurice Runea) and Ray Cunningham (of College Hill season 3 and now Christopher Street "The Series" and The Bleu Juice Blog)

Derrick L. Briggs (Finding Me Movie), Dwight O'Neal (Christopher Street "The Series"), Ray Cunningham (College Hill "season 3") Maurice Runea (writer, fashion designer/stylist, activist) and Adam Benjamin Irby (writer/blogger) bugging out at the S Party

Me and author of "Hiding In Hip-Hop" Terrance Dean (don't we look like a married couple in this pic greeting our public, LOL)

Me, Lamar, Ray and recording artist Jesse O

Me and Janet Jackson's back up dancer Chucky (we getting married, he just don't know it yet, LOL)

Me and one of my best friends actor/model JR

Me Dwight, BBOP (host of the Beautiful Boyz Of Pride Podcast Show, recording artist Baron and rapper Shorty Roc hanging out (is it me or do we all look a lil' tipsy, check out my eyes, lol)

Me and "IT" from the reality show "I Love NY" (Chile he is really slow, no really he slow, lol)

Me and the one and only Nathan Williams at RUSH

Adam Benjamin Irby and Harmonica Sunbeam celebrating my birthday at Escuelita's

Me and star of Christopher Street "The Series" Jared DeWese taking a break after partying

Me and DJ Baker, host of 'Da Doo Dirty Show (more like Da Doo "U" Dirty show, LOL)
Me, Adam and Dwight after hitting a restaurant, a bar and three clubs, we were tire as hell

Dwight, Lynn Whitfield (star of Thin Line Between Love and Hate and The Josephine Baker Story) myself and my other husband (but he don't know it yet either, lol) Derron Cook celebrating my birthday at the exclusive restaurant Josephine's. (This was one of the best nights of my life)

Me and BBOP (host of the Beautiful Boyz of Pride Podcast Show) at Adams B. Irbys 25th Birthday Bash

Me and writer of gay erotica Nathan James (on the Queen of Hearts Cruise)

BBOP, DJ Baker ,Me and Shorty Roc on GMHC's "The Barbershop" panel (don't we look excited to be there, LOL)

Dwight, Likwuld (1/2 of the dynamic recording duo Rebel Starr), Adam and myself hanging at the Noah's Arc Reception Mixer

Me and Rob from "I Want To Work For Diddy"and now the host of the online show "Mocca Lounge" hanging out at the "No Shade" Party

Me and famed photographer DexStar G (posing for the paparazzi)

Read The Small Print

Noah's Arc Haters - NEXT

Read this very unnecessary and borderline racist review of Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom Movie that appeared in NEXT Magazine, a magazine I see in most of the afro-american frequented bars and clubs I attend.

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (Film Review, Next Magazine)

Sink Noah's Arc (Logo Features) and pray it's never found. Continuing from the Logo series about the lives and loves of a group of gay African-American Los Angelinos, Noah (Darryl Stephens) and Wade (Jensen Atwood) travel with their posse to be married in a picturesque summer home in Martha's Vineyard.
Jumping the Broom references a slave marriage tradition, the requisite shout-out to black history.
For a well-intentioned portrayal of a broader gay community, do any of these characters have a white, Latin or Asian, friend or boyfriend? I'm totes for being black, gay and proud, but segregation's ovah!
Patrik Ian-Polk, returning as writer/director from the TV series, has brought us the cinematic equivalent to Hallmark's Mahogany cards. Every random phone call and Jacuzzi dip includes some profound life lesson.
The considerably talented and smokin' cast is stuck playing gay archetypes: the unrepentant slut (Christian Vincent), the flaming sass (Rodney Chester) and the twinkie newbie (Gary LeRoi Gray) dash about in fabricated mini-operas. As all the couples jump to jealous conclusions, scurry off in tears, make up, kiss and do it all again, the action is peppered with deadly earnest inspirational platitudes that would make Kirstie Alley willingly lose her lunch.
Honey, this sunken ship proves dreadful gay filmmaking knows no color. -- AC
Written By AC for Next Magazine
Vol 16.17

Now it seems to me that whenever there is a gathering of black men we become the threat, why is it a problem that Noah's Arc has an all afro-american cast, no shade but I never saw any men of color on Queer As Folk or Broke Back Mountain, why did the authuor of this article make this movie about race and make slave references and who at NEXT Magazine approved his article...

Noah's Arc is not meant to segregate, Mr.Polk wrote a movie about what he felt, what he probally experienced and some of what he's seen and from that produced a movie that we can relate to in some kind of way... Everyone I know has and can relate to something or someone in the movie and with all the drama in the plot lessons were learned.

If Mr. AC is uncomfortable with seeing an abundance of beautiful black men all in one place then I suggest he start writing and produce his own series/movie with a multi racial cast then, but until then... and I'll just leave it at that.
Just know that, you know your doing something good when you start getting hated on for doing it.
Let NEXT Magazine know what you feel about this review, be heard

Vote For DL Chronicles

Here! TV is asking which series you would like to see make a comeback for another season. PLEASE cast your vote and help DL Chronicles return.
CLICK HERE then scroll down to place your votes.


Explicit Content...
Oh My! I came acrosss this new undeware line called VIZEAU and was speechless, Hell, I still am so I'll let you browse for yourself, (I posted a few of the lines designs)...
I would love to hear what you all think, so definately post those comments on this one.