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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. quote by Justin Johnson

January 24, 2008

Enrique Cruz Party @ Splash

If you was'nt in attendance at Splash for the Nathan "7" Scott, Nathan Williams & Yamil X "Ocean" party Tuesday which hosted the Enrique Cruz party then you truly missed out...
There were so many beautiful people in attendance, like the cast of "Vantage Point" (Nathan 7, Dwight O'Neal, Maurice Runea & DJ Baker), Da Doo Dirty Show staff, Lamar Stanton one of the cast members of "Christopher Street", Media Inc. Enrique Cruz and his posse of Boyz, DJ's Poision Ivy and M.K. were spinning, Shorty Roc performed, Harmonica Sunbeam was the hostess, Likwuld of the rap duo "Rebel Starr", Ericka Watson of "Dirty Laundry", The ever faboulous singer Baron and a host of others. There were so many celebs that I can't mention them all.
What you should of seen was when Ditch That... by The Dream came pumping through Splash's state of the art sound system and "Vantage Point" took to the stage and gave the audience a video worthy dance routine, lol... We were feelin it (plus those drinks had kicked in) .

The party was a absolute hit and I had the hangover to prove it, thanks to those $3 L.I Iced Teas and the Strawberry Daiquiris... There were DVD giveaways and they had a Anal Toss (ok, let's skip that, LOL), lets just say it involved bootys, rings and plungers... LOLOLOLOL
Don't be left out the loop, take a dip into Splash every Tuesday for the "Ocean"party: 50 W.17th Street, (bet. 6th & 5th Avenues)... It's cold outside but Its hot in there...

Also be sure to suit up and take that galactic shuttle ride in true Astronaut fashion to the Men Are From Mars "WEEKLY" Sunday party @ Plush, 5 E.19th Street (bet. 5th Avenue & Broadway), Doors open @ 11pm, 21 & over, ID required, Mature crowd, Attire: Casual, Sexy ans NO Durags... $5 b4 1am, $10 after

Vantage Point @ Splash


January 14, 2008

10 Tips To Help Keep Your Man

1. Communicate with your partner.
2. Be open to try new experiences and willing to try exciting things (ex.hand cuffs, outdoor rendezvous, spontaneous encounters, showers, bubble baths, etc.
3. Be creative, supportive and loving... Men love to feel important.
4. Set the mood (candles, music, incense, soft sheets and etc.).
5. Know how to throw down in the kitchen (remember the old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"?)
6. Find activities you both can share and enjoy.
7. Allow your man to relax and be himself.
8. Don't Nag, Assume or Accuse, Men hate that... (make sure you have the facts before you confront him on anything).
9. Respect that he has a life and friends.
10. And NEVER embarrass him in public (If a situation arises put it on pause till yall are alone, no need to give the rumour mill something to chat about).

SeXXXy Pic Of The Day: Triple Treat

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