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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. quote by Justin Johnson

December 15, 2007

Baron's B-Day Party/ Toy Drive @ ALIBI

The children came out for Baron's B-Day Party. The place was packed, the DJ was good and the atmosphere was sexy, chill and relaxed...
OOh! and the cake was Da Bomb...


Party Like A Rock Star

I decided to party hop and went to this place called "The Eagle " before I cabbed it over to "Sprung".

When I got to "The Eagle" it was around 10:00pm and it was very slow and I was very much like what the hell, but I hung out when all of a sudde around 11:30pm-midnite a herd of hot sexy men swarmed the place to see Doc Hoskins reinact scenes from his book "The Pugilist: Erotic Boxing Adventures" on stage with Nathan James narrating... It was truly a must see, but since you all could'nt be there, I snapped some shots to show you what you missed (NOTHING SEXUAL ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE, IT WAS ALL SIMULATED).

Around 2am I headed over to "Sprung" one of the hottest parties in NYC on a Thursday nite to Party Like A Rock Star. Here's some pics from "Sprung"...

December 10, 2007

Watch the following round table discussion called "Perils of Online Hook Ups - The Larry Bland case" (feat. Nathan "7" Scott, Dwight O'Neal, Maurice Runea, DJ Baker, Erick Jenkins & Latif Sommers) .

Thia Is Definately A Must See!!! Im curious to know what some of your views are about this topic and the round table discussion.

Perils of online hook ups - Larry Bland Case

December 05, 2007

The N:X presents Triple S Rated (Maurice Runea Interview)

Check out Maurice Runea being interviewed by none other than the one and only Nathan "7" Scott at the "Triple S Rated" event/ fashion show held Nov.7th, 2007. Maurice Runea's interview is 2 min. and 35 sec. into the Nathan Experience "NX" show

The Barbershop

"The Barbershop"group is held every thursday 6pm-9pm at GMHC (119 W.24th Street, 7th flr., rm, 720).

The Barbershop is a place for brotha's to discuss whats going on with us and our communites in a comfortable and supportive setting... facilitated by:

LaMeek Williams 212-367-1218
Durell Knight 323-367-1388

December 04, 2007


Choices is a workshop held once a week for two hours (either on tues. or fri.) for a period of eight weeks, Applicants are required to attend "ALL" sessions.

Criteria for Choices is that you would need to be a HIV positive male who sleeps with men... All applicants will receive refreshments, two movies tickets per session (after the eights weeks are complete you would have acquired a total of 16 movies tickest) and $50 for completing the workshop...

If you meet the requirements please contact:
Ray 212-367-1189
Melvin 212-367-1469

Many Men Many Voices "3MV"

Many Men Many Voices "3MV" is a group based around behavior change and building communites, the next session is fri. Dec. 14th- sun. Dec. 16th (Fri 12/14/07 6pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 12-15-07 10am-5pm...

All participants are required to attend all three days of the workshop, participants are given metrocards each day of attendance, as well as lite refreshments on the fri that a session is scheduled and a contenintal breakfast and lunch is provided sat and sun, upon completion of the workshop participants are giving $50 for participating.

Applicants wishing to take part in this workshop should contact:
Durell Knight 212-367-1388
Maurice 212-367-1243

December 02, 2007

SeXXXy Pic of the Day: Double Feature related Murder

Shocking News: Young Chicago man murdered... Belived to have been the victim of the all male hook-up site

Click on the link below to see the My Fox news report of the murder on "Fox Chicago News":

The world we live in is a dangerous place and what we do in the privacy of our homes and on our PC's is our business, BUT whatever you choose to do and who you choose to do it with should always be done in a safe manner... Use good judgement, common sense and precautions.

Maurice Runea's "U People" Interview

Dirty Laundry

DIRTY LAUNDRY being released in theaters DECEMBER 7, 2007 in New York & Los Angeles & In select cities nationwide on December 28th. This award winning film created quite a stir during its 12- city summer tour culminating in two wins at the famed American Black Film Festival (Best Picture and Best Actor - Loretta Devine).

N.Y.: Clearview Chelsea West Theater
333 West 23rd Street
(bet. 8th & 9th Avenues.)
New York, NY 10011

L.A.: Mann Beverly Center Cinemas
(Inside Beverly Center)
8522 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038

C heck Out the Official Trailer on YouTube
Dirty Laundry on MYSPACE

December 01, 2007