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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. quote by Justin Johnson

November 23, 2006

Do Not Tolerate Nonsense

People, We need to stop patronizing venues (clubs & bars) that hire bouncers that have no respect for alternate lifestyles...
Stop complaining & "Start Making Complaints"
Stop attending these venues, believe party promoters and club/ bar owners alike will notice that there revenue is diminishing and that will force them to do something about this growing problem.
I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to there preferences, likes & dislikes, but don't be disrespectful, as many of our night life bouncers are...
What should be required is that they all have mandatory sensitivity training, with refresher courses throughout the year and the promoters/ owners need to put into effect a "No Tolerance" rule (which would simply state: If you as security in anyway are disrespectful, out of line or overly aggressive you will be let go, no questions asked).
It is really ridiculous to me that these venues are quick to take our money, but not trying to make this a safe space for us... They search us aggressively (like gay is a disease and they don't wont to catch it), they talk to us like we don't matter and we beneath them and sometimes are physically over aggressive (and I've witnessed that a few times).
Stand up for yourselves or this will continue to keep happening, put a end to the hate & ignorance...
And to the bouncers/ security, You are well informed before hand that a gay party is taking place, If you don't want to be around it, Then call out, but don't come and pass your ignorance, hate and stupidity onto one of the most successful group of people in the World, You look down on us, But most of us are highly successful and can probably pay your salaries.

November 05, 2006

"Laying It Down"

Maurice Runea What can I say???
He's doing his thing, born and raised most of his life in Brooklyn NY and overcoming obstacles that could of derailed his ambitions, this young man was and "IS" determined to make his mark on success.

Maurice is not only a talented upcoming Designer/Stylist... He is Co-Facilitator of GMHC's Many Men Many Voice's (3MV) and the Black Men's Group, He's also a Peer Sex Educator also with the Gay Men's Health Center affectionately known as GMHC, where he promotes and educates "Same Gender Loving Men" on the risk of unsafe sexual habits. Mr. Runea's first passion is Fashion Designing/Styling, but he also enjoys writing Erotic Poetry (with hopes of getting it published one day), Cooking, Interior Designing and a host of other ventures he's keeping under wraps right now.
Take a look at a few of his designs at: also feel free to contact him at:
He's always out and about the town, always friendly and loves meeting new people, so when you see him show some Luv...

"Maurice Runea' Designs" (sneak peak)

October 27, 2006

"On Top Of His Game"

"Derrick L. Briggs" Rated Top 25 Men of 2006 by Instinct Magazine (Nov. 06' Issue), Creative Consultant & Online Editor for " The Bleu Magazine" Inc, Co-Creator for "Harlem Blues" ( An after work Bar/Lounge Experience in Harlem), Co-Founder of "The Attaché Alliance", In the beginning stages of his own company " DirtyTwist Media" ® Launching in 2008 & Founder / Facilitator of the popular "Derrick L. Briggs Book Club" since 2003, ... Also, check out his online video blogs @:

What has'nt Derrick done??? Television, music, performance art & online marketing are just a few of the ingredients that embodies this young man originally born & raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn and for a while a resident of Greenville, N.C. & Delaware, But back in NY now, Derrick has proven he's a determined individual that exemplifies Leadership & Creativity, He is the Future, Fixing the past, so we can have a better Present.

"Make a decision and watch your life move forward" is his motto… Words to definately live by, Support this brotha in all he does, He's going far and he's already half way there.

also take a peak @ Derrick's video blogs:

October 25, 2006

"A Rising Star"

“A FOUR LETTER WORD”, Hmmm I’m sure a few words came to mind when you read that title but this title happens to be the name of the independent movie J.R. is presently shooting.This gay romantic comedy is slated to be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival and Newfest for 2007. J.R plays “Derek” a guy next door type who is honest in love and shows it in his actions. ”Derek” and his lover “Peter” hit a snag in their relationship when they move in with each other and “Peter” starts to show a controlling side, sounds familiar,lol? This movie is the sequel to “Slutty Summer” which can be purchased at: or at Blockbuster, "Slutty Summer" headlined the Newfest festival in 2005 and did very well domestically and internationally. J.R.’s character “Derek” was introduced in “Slutty Summer” and J.R. was elated when he was asked to do the sequel, to quote him “It’s like a pat on the back, to be told your work is appreciated and to know you had a hand in the success of the film.” J.R. is America's Next Top Model/ Actor and is based in New York, his aim is not to be famous, just to make a good living at what he loves to do best “Acting”. J.R. has appeared in various and numerous fashion shows, music videos, modeling, acting and print ads with advertisers like Sears. But his primary focus has always been acting and in his own words “I’m just getting started” !!!

July 27, 2006

"Who's Afraid of William Scott"

William Scott is a hot young artist busting onto the scene, check out his album "Who's Afraid of William Scott?" which can be purchased at:

He is a jack of all trades, a man wearing many hats, besides the new album, look for a line of clothing, plays and books which are also in this young man's near future, just to name a few upcoming endeavors... He is truly a brother doin' big things all the while staying true to himself, his beliefs and his people.

Join the William Scott Experience & support a Brotha' who supports us... Make Mr. Scott a proud, successful man