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October 25, 2006

"A Rising Star"

“A FOUR LETTER WORD”, Hmmm I’m sure a few words came to mind when you read that title but this title happens to be the name of the independent movie J.R. is presently shooting.This gay romantic comedy is slated to be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival and Newfest for 2007. J.R plays “Derek” a guy next door type who is honest in love and shows it in his actions. ”Derek” and his lover “Peter” hit a snag in their relationship when they move in with each other and “Peter” starts to show a controlling side, sounds familiar,lol? This movie is the sequel to “Slutty Summer” which can be purchased at: or at Blockbuster, "Slutty Summer" headlined the Newfest festival in 2005 and did very well domestically and internationally. J.R.’s character “Derek” was introduced in “Slutty Summer” and J.R. was elated when he was asked to do the sequel, to quote him “It’s like a pat on the back, to be told your work is appreciated and to know you had a hand in the success of the film.” J.R. is America's Next Top Model/ Actor and is based in New York, his aim is not to be famous, just to make a good living at what he loves to do best “Acting”. J.R. has appeared in various and numerous fashion shows, music videos, modeling, acting and print ads with advertisers like Sears. But his primary focus has always been acting and in his own words “I’m just getting started” !!!

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