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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. quote by Justin Johnson

December 31, 2008

Maurice Runea Sums It Up

HAPPY 2009
As I sit here reflecting on 2008, I realize I have a hell of alot to be thankful for... I'm truly blessed.

2008 was quite an eventful year for me, I met some cool people, cut some off, made new friends, lost a few, dated, partied like a rock star, cried, stressed out, got angry, wrapped up old projects, started some new ones, lost some weight, realized who was true to me, fixed some friendships & relationships, decided some ain't worth fixing, got closer to God and through it all... The Ups, Downs and in between's I Made It.

I am proud, happy and honored to say, I'm ending 2008 healthy, happy, strong and sane, with no baggage, drama or regrets.

2009 can only get better and I'm soooo looking forward to all it brings.

Thank You All Who Played A Part... Luv Ya!

SeXXXy Pic of the Day - BackEND of 2008

Don't get stuck BACK in the past
Look forward to the future

December 26, 2008

COMING SOON!!! - Early 2009

Just When You Thought I Did It All...
First there was Maurice Runea "The Magazine"
Then Maurice Runea "The Clothing Line"
Look out for...
Maurice Runea "The Show"
The Rainbow Collective
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SeXXXy Pic of the Day - 2008

December 15, 2008

2009 Movie Releases

Friday, January 16th, 2009
It's finally here... The movie about Biggie'e life, It's sure to be a hit.

Friday, February 13th, 2009
"Friday The 13th"
It's his birthday and Jason Vorhese is doing what he does best...

2009 Upcoming Movie Releases:
NOTORIOUS - January 16th
Pink Panther 2- February
Friday The 13th - February 13th
XMEN- Origins Wolverine - May 1st
UP - May 29th
The Wolfman - April 3rd
Dragonv Ball - April 8th
Star Trek - May 8th
Treminator Salvation - May 22nd
Transformers 2 - June 26th
G.I. Joe - August 7th
Public Eneemies - July 1st
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince - July 17th
Legend of Zelda
Fast & Furious 2

SeXXXy Pic of the Day - 12 Dayz of Christmas

The Beautiful Boyz of Prides World Podcast Show

The Beautiful Boyz Of Prides World Podcast Show
(Spittin & Shoutin the finest in spoken word, words spoken, and written erotica)

The Pride Cast Show
Hosted By: BBOP

Craig Gibson is a 42 yr. old Gay black man who is a native of NYC So. Bronx. Raised by a single mother of two boys and a graduate from John Bowne H.S. in Queens.

Craig or better known as BBOP also attended York Community College and is currently employed By GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent) as a Health Educator, and HIV Pre/Post Testing Counselor... Which he believes is his true calling.

BBOp is now the creator/producer & host of the widely popular "The Beautiful Boyz Of Prides World Podcast Show", you can catch his show Mon-Fri @

BBOP Quote: Let’s Come Together as “1”.

The Pride Network Mission Statement Is
(Sharing, Inspiring, developing, and caring)
The Pride Network Groups, and Pride Cast Show
(Same Gender Loving people, and those who love, and support us)

This show is designed for the SGL/LGBT community to share such items as:

Music of various genres daily
(Rapp, Pop, R&B, Disco, House)
(Weekend Jams Featured Disc Jockeys)
The Spoken Word
Current world events in the LGBT Community
Social Events
(Clubs, Openings, Art, Museums Etc.)
(Books, Pornography, Movies, Clubs, Etc.)
Daily Audio Blogs
(With progressive, eroticism, and comical subject matter)
Daily Inspirational Segments
(Daily Reflections from Respecting The Soul)
By Keith Boykin
Forums, and Table discussion groups
Community based organizations programs, services and new initiatives provided by them
Good Health & Wellness
Interview of Artist
Resource links
Promotional opportunities

The Pride Cast Show

Age, and gender must be provided in profile, or commented. There will be no exceptions!


Contact BBOP:

December 11, 2008

Candlelight Vigil for Bushwick Hate Crime

Hello, all,
Here is the info for the Candlelight Vigil in response to the senseless murder of Jose Suzuchanay in Bushwick last weekend. Mr. Suzuchanay was beaten, along with his brother, and killed in an unprovoked anti-gay, anti-Hispanic bat attack. We pulled this together, and I request that you attend, and tell everyone you can about this. Meg Hitchcock of Bushwick is the primary organizer. Info is as follows:

Sunday, December 14th 2008

Dear Everyone,
Early Sunday morning 2 brothers from Ecuador were walking to their homes in Bushwick arm in arm. They were attacked by 3 men who shouted anti-gay and anti-Hispanic insults as they beat the brothers with an aluminum baseball bat and a broken bottle. Jose Sucuzhanay died Tuesday morning from extensive brain damage and skull fractures. He co-owned a real estate business in Bushwick. A vigil has been organized by a Bushwick community member, Meg Hitchcock. Note, this event is not organized by Arts In Bushwick, but we will be there and we hope you'll come show your support in protesting this horrible attack on a member of our community. Sunday, December 14th Meet in front of The Archive café at 49 Bogart Street (at Seigel and Bogart) at 7pm. We will walk to the scene of the crime at Bushwick Ave. and Kossuth Place and have a few moments of silence at 8pm. Please bring extra candles. And, spread the word!

by: Nathan James

Christopher Street TV Episode 2 "Pumps or Timbs"

Off the Clock Productions brings YOU Christopher Street TV Episode 2 on-line for FREE!!!
Christopher Street TV free link:

Happy Holidays from the Christopher Street TV Family!!! This winter, spend your winter days with Christopher, Jharemy, Ashton & Shawn as they explore the West Village in New York City. In the episode titled "Pumps or Timbs" these four young men explore their own sexual preferences and come to terms with their own individual personalities. We see these young men laugh, argue, party, love, meet new friends and come face to face with an arch rival.

This new episode has entertainment for everyone of all ages. We listened to our fans and gave them what they wanted!!! Mature audiences only, due too brief nudity and adult life situations. With the NEW Christopher Street audiences are in for a huge TREAT! Appearances by Ray Cunningham and Mega Body, special music by Baron, Rebel Starr, Jesse O, Peace, and Dwight. Written by Steven Emmanuel and Dwight O'Neal, Directed by Evan Storey, Filmed by LSD Films, Produced by Hayward Aaron, Dwight Allen O'Neal, and Steven Emmanuel, Production Manager Eric J. Parker.

Now you may be asking why is the episode free and Christopher AKA Chris responds with "Why Not?" Ti's is the season for giving and we are giving you a series that has come a long way! Please take the time to follow the simple instructions on how to download the latest episode of our Holiday Gift to you and please take the time to review it, blog about it, forward along to your friends, and have your own little screening party in your city.

Please take the time to help us spread the word about the new YOUNG GAY series that is hitting the streets this Spring/Summer 2009, because we cannot do it alone. This is the voice of young gay America and beyond and without you it is not possible... Thank you for all the love and support you are giving Christopher Street TV and we do hope to see you soon, Coming Soon Episode 3 "Boyz to Men!" Just when you thought that Chris, Jharemy, Shawn and Ashton left you, they have come back with a BANG and promise to never leave you again. Now Christopher Street TV fans don't have to worry about traveling out of town to Atlanta, LA, NYC, or Toronto just to view the already popular series that has gained kudos from publications such as The Advocate, Next, Click, and UneQ Magazine. Viewers can now enjoy America's four favorite young heartthrobs in the comfort of their own home. Again this is our gift to you and trust you will enjoy all 35 minutes of it! Download your copy by following these simple instructions and then feel free to watch on your computer or burn it to your own DVD the options are endless!

Here is the link: Enter Past the Mature Content Page and please be honest! 18 years or over... Chris and the boys love the kids, but not today LOL...

Next you will have the opportunity to watch a 5 minute preview of the episode and a 2 minute trailer of the series

To your right you will notice a button that says Download options, Download Veoh for free (which should only take a few minutes) run it on your computer, and I promise you that it is virus free...

Finally you can now download the full episode!!!! This may take a few minutes, however it is worth the wait! We all have done it 3 times!!!

If you do not have a Veoh account create one as well and remember the link is only live until Friday December 12, 2008, so get it FAST!!!!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays from the Christopher Street TV Family!!!! Enjoy your two holiday gifts and subscribe, who knows more gifts may be out soon!!!

For all press inquires/ public appearances please contact us at

December 01, 2008

Vantage Point - Bedroom Recipes

Episode #6: Watch the members of Vantage Point open up and discuss sex, props, turn-ons and their bedroom recipes in this to hot for tv episode.