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December 15, 2007

Party Like A Rock Star

I decided to party hop and went to this place called "The Eagle " before I cabbed it over to "Sprung".

When I got to "The Eagle" it was around 10:00pm and it was very slow and I was very much like what the hell, but I hung out when all of a sudde around 11:30pm-midnite a herd of hot sexy men swarmed the place to see Doc Hoskins reinact scenes from his book "The Pugilist: Erotic Boxing Adventures" on stage with Nathan James narrating... It was truly a must see, but since you all could'nt be there, I snapped some shots to show you what you missed (NOTHING SEXUAL ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE, IT WAS ALL SIMULATED).

Around 2am I headed over to "Sprung" one of the hottest parties in NYC on a Thursday nite to Party Like A Rock Star. Here's some pics from "Sprung"...

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