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February 18, 2008

I Finally Did It!

Well People, Im in the mood to share, So here we go...
Those close to me know I wanted to get my nipples pierced for some time now (approximately 3yrs.) and last monday I finally got the nerve to do it... Im just writing about it because I needed to get used to them and see how I felt after the short process...

Prior to getting the peircing, people would tell me these horror stories that halted me from doing it earlier, but last monday 2/11/08, I left work with the intentions of heading home and decided to go get it done @ W.4th without telling anyone what I was doing...

It really was'nt that bad or as near freitening as people made it out to be, the most painful part that I was'nt prepared for was when he peirced the first nipple, It felt equavalent to having my finger slammed in the door, Im not going to front, I almost jumped out the chair and said freak it, keep the money, but I took a breather and he did the other... amazingly it did'nt hurt that bad at all... It was sore as hell but it did'nt hurt, actually my second tattoe hurt more... The only bad thing about ihaving the peircings is I know alot of huggers and Im not fully healed yet, LOL...

Now im going into day 7 and the soreness is next to being extinct, But the sensation is crazy, I cant explain it, I was told the peircings makes you super extra sensitive, they were not lying... Im Loving It (typing with big smile on my face).

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