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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. quote by Justin Johnson

August 18, 2007

"It's a crime to be this SeXXXy"

What Is Sexy? If you ask 10 people what sexy is, you'll come up with 10 different responses.

I happen to have a wide range of what Im attracted to or find seXXXy, I find beauty in all... OK, Most, lol... So to celebrate my eye for and opinions of beauty I will periodically post pics of what's sexy to me, You may not agree but this IS My Blog, So sit back and enjoy the ride, It can get a lil' bumpy in here...
I almost fainted when I saw this pic for the new Calvin Klein underware ads, I was in Chelsea minding my own business shopping, flirting and busting down my favorite frozen yogurt dessert from PINKBERRY (located on 19th & 8th) , When like a golden brick from Heaven his chocolatey physique hit me right in the head and I knew it, I just found LUV, LOL

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