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August 20, 2007

Big Boyz & Fashion

Big Boyz can be fashionable in Hip-Hop Urban Wear...

BUT where do we go when we have a trendy boutique style of dress??? H&M is a no winner with there European style deigns, le Cheatau's biggest size in pants is a 36, but cut like a 28, the Gap only offers Big & Tall sizes online like we don't shop and Express, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and a host of other's forgot we more meaty men even exist...
I being of thicker propotions (36 waist & xl shirt) and surrounded by men of larger portions almost daily, set out to search and find designer's, stores and locations where we can be just as fab as we wanna be, stay tuned for future related post...
Dr. Jay's perfect for you Big Sexy Urban Fella's tryna get your sexy on,... Size's range up to 56 in pants & 6x in shirts:
Old Navy my absolute favorite place to shop, although they very rarely carry sizes over 38-40 waist/34 length and xxl shirts, the web site is loaded with large sizes and sales... They offer a variety of denim cuts to flatter any body type... I personally prefer Old Navy's Boot Cut Jeans in size 36/36, My length is really 34, but I like my jeans to fall over my boot, a very trendy look this season... Subcribe to Old Navy's page and receive weekly sales, promotions and new items:
Official Shopping Site of "Big Black" Merch of MTV's Rob & Big Show:

I have a question?
Sean John has a undeniably hot urban line, But where's the items we see on the run ways during his fabolous shows? like the floor length fur coats, the trendy street wear and the over the top tailored dressy wear???

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