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July 27, 2008

Fire Island Black Out 2008

Sixth Annual
Fire Island Black Out
Saturday, August 9th, 2008
9am - Sundown

FIBO Day at the Beach Event
Attendees are invited to help support the Ali Forney Center with the purchase of FIBO's Official Bump & Dip Bracelet (a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Ali Forney Center).
For $20, attendees will not only receive admittance to to the Saturday night dance party at the Ice Palace (info regaurding event below), but purchasers of the bracelet will also enjoy generous discounts on food, goods and services at participating businesses in the Cherry Grove community.

Visit the Hospitality Tent during the Day at the Beach event to get your Bump & Dip bracelet!

FIBO Bump & Dip Dance Party
The Ice Palace Night Club
5 pm until the last ferry (2 am)

Legendary DJ Fred Pierce,
2007 Crowd Favorite, DJ Storm,

and guest DJ's

(The $20 Bump & Dip Bracelet is needed to enter this event)

Fire Island Black Out, more popularly known as FIBO, is the annual celebration and summer season finale for the LGBT community of color. FIBO's popularity has grown from 50 attendees in 2003, to nearly 2,000 last year. The three-day event begins the evening of Friday, August 8. On the morning of Saturday, August 9, FIBO host the beach party in Cherry Grove followed later that evening by the FIBO Bump & Dip dance party at Cherry Grove's Ice Palace Night Club. On Sunday, August 10 is the FIBO Brunch, open to all remaining island visitors.

FIBO is proud to announce that in 2008, a portion of proceeds from our dance party will benefit the Ali Forney Center, a New York-based not-for-profit organization, which houses LGBT adolescents and provides them with the skills necessary to help them transition into adulthood. With the purchase of the Official Bump & Dip bracelet (for $20)

Click here to receive FIBO event newsletter today.

Long Island Rail Road:
Get off at the Sayville station train stop and take the Colonial Jitney bus service ($5 each way) to the Cherry Grove Ferry.

(Be Sure To Take The Cherry Grove Bound Ferry)
Ferry schedule:

If you plan on arriving at FIBO after 12-noon, It is strongly recommend that you park in the Sayville train station parking lot and take the jitney ($5) service to the ferry. Parking is FREE at the train station!
After 12-noon, the park and pay lot at the ferry is usually full and you could wait hours for a parking spot to free up.
For directions to the Sayville Train Station located at Greeley Ave and Depot Street, Sayville, NY 11782 go to: ; or Mapquest (

There are no Life Guards at the beach.
Rest Room Facilities are located at the Ice Palace.

The Fire Department wants you to have a safe stay in the Grove. To them we owe the following cautionary notes and vital information.
Most Grove houses are made entirely of wood and are surrounded by equally combustible grass and brush. The walks are also wooden, which makes discarding of cigarette butts hazardous. Please observe NO SMOKING signs, beginning at the dock. Please be careful if you smoke. Crush out all cigarettes; don't toss them off the walk into the sand or grass. They could land in or blow into combustible material. Don't toss them on the walk, either; the leaf litter under the walk is highly combustible.
Open Fires are not allowed anywhere on Fire Island. This includes the beach and the National Seashore property. Fireworks are illegal on all of Fire Island.

Don’t dump trash or trimmings on the dunes; it is destructive to the dunes’ ecosystem and unsightly too.

However appealing they may seem. Fire island National Seashore regulations forbid deer feeding: it encourages them to rely on handouts and in severe winters they starve. They also carry ticks that can cause Lyme Disease.

Leashes, please, on walks and the beach. Please, don’t let your dog (or cat) roam free. Doggy-doo-doo is a ‘don’t-don’t’! Even dog lovers must be repelled by stepping on a moist turd at night when walking home from a party.

Radios played at high volume at any time can be disturbing to your neighbors. Tastes in music vary. Reasonable people can differ as to what noise is mildly annoying and what is outrageous.
In general, please be aware of your surroundings and please be considerate, especially at night, There are those of us who do not dance till dawn and who retire early.

All of us are responsible for keeping the Grove a safe and pleasant place to live and visit. Littering, consuming open containers of alcoholic beverages on the board walks and illegal drug use are prohibited. The responsibility of keeping the Grove a safe and a pleasant place to visit rests with all of us.

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