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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. quote by Justin Johnson

April 07, 2008

Your A Hater If...

10. Jealousy dictates your life and how you live it.

9. You hate on the very people you secretly bite off.

8. You always think you can do it better, But your still doing nothing

7. Your threatened by those who have the one thing you lack...Confidence.

6. It kills you to be supportive of family and friends.

5. The nicest thing you ever did, wasn't that nice at all.

4. You hate, dislike and/ or are negative to people for no reason.

3. You have low self esteem and the only way to make yourself temporarily feel better is by trying to bring others to your low levels.

2. You never have nothing nice to say (Which speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself).

And # 1. You sit in front of your computer wasting your life away anonymously leaving nasty comments about people that don't even acknowledge your existence.

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