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October 18, 2007

Excuse Me While I Vent A Little...

This whole Bush administration and everything associated with it needs to go.

I can't speak for the rest of society, But I miss the Clinton years... He was by far the best President I've seen in my life time and hopefully our next President will continue where Mr. Clinton left off and is able to fix all the mayhem, destruction, confusion, lies and lives that Bush and his administration single handedly destroyed.

Never in history has one President been associated with some much destruction... I urge "EVERYONE" able to vote to do so, So that this type of leadership is never repeated... Bush's two terms has left a few nations destroyed, killed and still killing millions, practically demolished our economy, never gave support to people of color (or the minority's as they like to refer to anyone not of Caucasian orgin) and bascically turned his back on the low and middle income people... This is why it's so important to vote (unless your in Florida... and we all know there voting policies).

Alot of us complain and gripe and then do nothing, we don't show up and show support for causes but we will be up 8am in the morning on a wednesday to get that Macy's sale, we don't go to "free" forums and rallys so our voices can be heard and respected, but we will pay 200 dollars for a rap concert, we don't have money to donate to good causes but we sure found it in our budgets to buy that new Prada bag... Get my point?

Awhile ago I was told "The only power people have over you is the power you give them". I wonder sometimes what our ancestors would think of the society we've become... They fought so hard to be free, independant and productive in their own lives and look what we've become, a society of selfishness and disconnect.

The system is set up to create failure... The welfare system is set up to keep single mother households fatherless, the prison system is meant to destroy (felons that have served their time are denied their right to vote), now I don't know about you but I feel If you served your time why are you still being punised well after your releashed? Just a question...

Thank you for spending this time with me and lending a ear (eye) while I VENT!

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