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March 30, 2008

Denzel - Hotter Than Fire

Well Folks Nathan "7" has done it again, He's managed to bring us yet another Hot Like Fire piece of eye candy & his name is...

(Denzels photo shoot with Nathan "7", Styling assisted by Maurice Runea)

This young man is not only blessed with good looks, but he's such a sweet heart and pleasure to be in the company of, With his good looks and that boyish charm Denzel is definitely headed for stardom and he's well on his way, Modeling, Acting, a show based around him and he's... Well I can't tell you everything, that'll take the fun out of it, You have to see for yourself, But be warned it's going to be Hot, HOt, HOT, So have your towels handy.
Disclaimer: Not responsible for any faint spells, heart attacks, headaches or high blood pressure Denzel may cause... Due to sexiness overload

Catch Denzels latest projects, "Denzel Mania" and "Nathan & Denzels Road Trip" on The And Channel @

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