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November 30, 2007

Community Happening's

Let's talk about our new and improved night life... first we have "Ocean " tuesdays at Splash, This party is very cute, I havn't frequented it as often as I would like because of that lil' thing I have called a day job, but the times I have gone I always have a great time...

Now thursdays have been on lock for the last couple of years now by none other than the Nathan Williams "SPRUNG" party, as many of you may have heard Sprung has a new home at 579 Sixth Ave. bet 15th and 16th Streets in Chelsea & may I say It's like a rebirth of the original Luke and Leroys vibe.
I had a ball, it's a very laid back atmosphere and the patrons had such energy (I also noticed that the new Chelsea location drew a more diverse crowd and it was cool how everybody related to one another),.
The kidz were out to have a good time and that they did... It was'nt even 10:30pm and the house was damn near packed with sexy brothas of all shapes, sizes and colors ready to dance there lives away, DJ's Poison Ivy & M.K. did there thing as usual, the bartenders mixed the Hell out of my Kamikazii's (So excuse any typo's you may run across in reading this article... It's the bartenders fault, LOL).
Nathan is always such a sweet host, Miss Erica was in the house (did'nt yall just miss her, I know I did) and it was just a great vibe... Plus the staff was very welcoming, from security to the coat check, to the bartenders. Great Party all the way around... This is another party I will be at more times than not.

Saturday's belong to the one and only "Langston's", This is one of the hottest saturday parties I've been to in a good while...

Now on a different note, let me also promote going on's in our community that relate to gay men... first we have a group called "The Barbershop", this group is held every thursday 6pm-9pm at GMHC 119 W.24th Street, rm, 720... The Barbershop is a place for brotha's to discuss whats going on with us and our communites in a comfortable and supportive setting... facilitated by LaMeek Williams 212-367-1218 and Durell Knight 212-367-1388.

Many Men Many Voices "3MV" is a group based around behavior change and building communites, the next session is fri. Dec. 14th- sun. Dec. 16th (Fri 12/14/07 6pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 12-15-07 10am-5pm...
All participants are required to attend all three days of the workshop, participants are given metrocards each day of attendance, as well as lite refreshments on the fri that a session is scheduled and a contenintal breakfast and lunch is provided sat and sun, upon completion of the workshop participants are giving $50 for participating. Applicants wishing to take part in this workshop should contact Durell Knight 212-367-1388 or Maurice 212-367-1243 to schedule an assesment.

Last but most definately not least is "Choices"... Choices is a workshop givin once a week for two hours (either on tues. or fri.) for a period of eight weeks, Applicants are required to attend "ALL" sessions.
Criteria for Choices is that you would need to be a HIV positive male who sleeps with men... All applicants will receive refreshments, two movies tickets per session (after the eights weeks are complete you would have acquired a total of 16 movies tickest) and $50 for completing the workshop... If you meet this criteria please feel free to contact Ray 212-367-1189 or Melvin 212-367-1469.

All workshops may not be suitable for everyone but if you know of anyone who meets the qualifications for the groups please feel free to pass the info on.

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